Exclaim!'s Best of 2013: Top 10 Dance & Electronic Albums

5. Disclosure

Dance music has always been the realm of forward thinking producers, with forays into the mainstream accompanied by caveats and concessions. Yet in 2013, a handful of artists flipped that old adage on its head — or at least its side — making full-length records that suited the demands of discerning dance floors and radio playlists alike. Chief amongst them were Disclosure, two English brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence, whose ability to blend together pieces of dance's past belies their young age.

Yet their youth is likely what allowed them to mine elements of garage, house, trip hop and bass music with disregard for purist definitions; divorced from those genres' heydays, the pair work as musical scavengers, taking what they need and soldering bits and pieces together to create a sound that echoes the past while still sounding indisputably now. The result is an infinitely catchy and constantly exciting record that plays well both in bite-sized pieces and as a singular artistic statement.

Stuffing the record with guests certainly fuelled their commercial prospects. Their canny ear for similarly minded collaborators like Jessie Ware, Eliza Doolittle and AlunaGeorge make their guest list a reflection of pop's current crop of dance floor minded singers. While catapulting its creators to stardom, Settle effortlessly captured the sound of 2013. (Ian Gormely)