Exclaim!'s Best of 2013: Top 10 Dance & Electronic Albums

9. Oneohtrix Point Never
R Plus Seven
(Warp Records)

R Plus Seven wasn't about reinvention but a culmination of all the things that have made Oneohtrix Point Never so great. Revisiting old OPN stomping grounds like glitchy micro samples, MIDI-styled new age, kosmische synth wizardry and noise/drone textures, the record was familiar yet still entirely new, with Daniel Lopatin smoothing out any of his project's rough edges with a newfound melodicism, some oil-slick production and just a touch of pop.

It all led to more complex, multifaceted OPN, as Lopatin dove headlong into twisting, weaving electronic epics that rarely stayed in one place for long. Tracks repeatedly brought surprises, weaving in everything from Asian percussion, humming church organs, children's choirs and even some sexy sax work. If you weren't digging where the record was at, you only had to sit tight and wait for the next curveball.

All the while, Lopatin didn't get all clinical and stuffy about the whole thing; in fact, he was downright playful, making the album arguably OPN's most easy-to-digest and enjoyable to date, yet strangely, one of his most experimental.

Rather than boxing himself into a corner with R Plus Seven, Lopatin has made Oneohtrix Point Never seem like a project full of endless possibilities. (Brock Thiessen)