Exclaim!'s Best of 2012: An Analysis of the Year in Metal

Exclaim!'s Best of 2012:An Analysis of the Year in Metal
It's that time of year again — when snow drifts gently down from the sky, carols come sweetly lilting across the chilled air, and critics fight tooth, nail, and passive aggression over which albums are worthy of being called the year's best. We kicked off the Exclaim! Best of 2012 series with our Metal and Hardcore list on Monday.

Did your favourite metal album make the list? Where did Pallbearer's excellent debut land? Converge's latest? Pig Destroyer's? You'll have to check our Metal and Hardcore list to find out.

However, we've done more than just make a list this year. Our Year-End Issue delves deeply into an analysis of what happened in the genre this year: We examine whether it was the year of Doom or the year of Grindcore, and which metal records foretell our imminent doom most ominously.

Stay tuned this week and next for the Best Albums of the Year and analysis of Folk and Country, Electronic, Hip-Hop, and Pop and Rock.