Exclaim!'s 2014 in Lists: Top 10 Music/Video Posts of 2014

Exclaim!'s 2014 in Lists: Top 10 Music/Video Posts of 2014
5. Homeshake - In the Shower (album stream)

Homeshake is the alias of Edmonton-born/Montreal-based musician Peter Sagar, who used to play bass guitar for Mac DeMarco. He's evidently making a mark with the new project, since his album In the Shower was one of our most viewed Music/Video posts of the year — higher, in fact, than any of our posts about DeMarco. Sagar's music bears some sonic similarities to that of his buddy, in that his smooth-yet-weird tunes are filled with slippery grooves and an ever-present sense of wobbly weirdness.

4. Beyoncé - "Crazy in Love" (50 Shades of Grey version)

It's been more than a decade since Beyoncé released her iconic 2003 hit "Crazy in Love," and she gave it a radical reworking for the trailer of the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. While the original was a triumphant, horn-blasted soul-pop anthem, this ultra-creepy reworking slowed down the tempo and added a chilling beat befitting the dramatic, BDSM-themed movie. Whether or not you're excited about the film, this was definitely an interesting take on the song.

3. Pharrell Williams - "Happy" (Beats by Dre Beat Pill commercial)

How do you know when a commercial is successful? How about when it's our third-most popular Click/Hear post of the year? Pharrell Williams' single "Happy" had previously inspired an insanely ambitious 24-hour music video, but this commercial was just 30 seconds long and showed the star (and others) dancing alongside anthropomorphized versions of the Beats Pill mini-speaker. After such a successful ad campaign, the folks at Beats were probably feeling like, oh I don't know — a room without a roof?

2. Partynextdoor - Partynextdoor Two (album stream)

Drake didn't release an album in 2014, but he popped up on a track from his OVO cohort Partynextdoor, whose album Partynextdoor Two got a whole lot of love from fans. The album ended up getting rather mixed reviews, but the pre-release hype machine was clearly in full force, and our readers couldn't wait to dig into his smooth R&B jams.

[Editor's note: This album stream was removed by the artist/label]

1. Hey Rosetta! - Second Sight (album stream)

While this list touches on a range of different genres, Hey Rosetta! ensured that Canadian indie rock ruled the year. The East Coast ensemble hadn't released an album since 2011's Seeds, and that three-year-plus wait was more than long enough to get their followers chomping at the bit for the followup. Second Sight didn't disappoint, and it offered plenty of the group's signature dramatic rock anthems. Kudos to them for scoring Exclaim!'s most popular Click/Hear post of 2014. Listen to it below.