Exclaim!'s 2014 in Lists: 10 Worst Album Covers

5. Chief Keef
Back From the Dead 2

Considering his relentless onslaught of half-sung/half-rapped drill singles, it's laughable that Chief Keef legitimately thinks he can name a project Back From anything resembling death. Even worse, the above artwork is for a second entry in the one of the prolific Chiraq spitter's many, many mixtape series.

Also chuckle-inducing is Back From the Dead 2's graveyard scene, which finds the decomposing rapper surging out of the cemetery grounds looking something like the Cryptkeeper mixed with the aliens from They Live. Also, try to wrap your mind around the scale between Keef's corpse and that hawk hovering dangerously close to the recently re-risen rapper. We're not sure exactly what's going on here, but Illinois has either got some heavily radioactive burial grounds or the Almighty Sosa's got the kind of skeleton that suffers post-mortem gigantism.

4. Steel Panther
All You Can Eat

Just as tired as heavy metal jokesters' Steel Panther's lazy, hedonistic genre guffaws is this "The Last Supper"-inspired cover. While a spoof, the photo shoot screws up the order at the table, making it kind of unclear who the Judas is to singer Michael Starr's smart aleck-y, Domino's-scarfing Jesus. Is guitarist Satchel planning a betrayal via a sub-par solo?

While a pizza doesn't sound half-bad about now, those side-dishes of mac and cheese and Elmer's glue look rather wretched. The best part of the cover is the six women bookending the table that seem completely uninterested in whatever gospel this gang of rock and roll riff-raff have to offer.

3. Lustfinger

German outfit Lustfinger have been punking it up since the early '80s, but it took the band until 2014 to hit most of our radars with this pungent piece of pubic art. As you'll see, the group's latest album, Zündstoff (German for "Dynamite"), hits the canvas with an angered, middle finger-raising fist exploding painfully between a woman's clenched thighs. While they managed to bring rubber stamps of the band name and album title to the photo shoot, they forgot to bring along the one that read "FAIL."

2. Les Sins

Chaz Bundick is no stranger to the worst covers game, having made the list back in 2011 with the awkwardly oozing, grapefruit-munching cover of his Toro Y Moi album Underneath the Pine. As Les Sins, he's managed to outdo himself on debut disc Michael with a slop-job layout that features a tilted band logo and a picture of one of those inflatable advertising men you find at car dealerships. Oddly, it becomes less unappealing and congested if you slip your finger over the album title. Give it a try!

1. Moodymann

Detroit house producer Moodymann got the big thumbs up from Exclaim! way back in January over the "deep soulful grooves" of his self-titled LP, but man, that album art is straight-up unsettling. Mixing the waxy, old school caricature style of film posters from Dolemite to Vacation with the grotesqueness of the Garbage Pail Kids, it's got the gigantic, pot-bellied and piranha-toothed Moodymann flashing us the freakiest of grins. Those roller-skating ladies seem to be pretty relaxed with the bad boy, but we've had nightmares all year long over this thing.