Exclaim!'s 2013 in Lists: Top 10 Music/Video Posts of 2013

Exclaim!'s 2013 in Lists: Top 10 Music/Video Posts of 2013
5. Washed Out - 'Paracosm' (album stream)

The chillwave craze has died down, but Washed Out (a.k.a. songwriter Ernest Greene) has outlived the trend by overhauling his sound. While Paracosm still features his signature dreamy dance-pop tunes, it also boasts lush sonic textures including acoustic elements, natural-sounding percussion and a more diverse palette of synths and keyboards.

[Editor's note: This album stream was partially removed by the artist/label]

4. Jim Guthrie - 'Takes Time' (album stream)

Canadian journeyman songwriter Jim Guthrie has been working on his latest solo album for years. The songs were recored between 2007 and 2012, and Guthrie had told Exclaim! way back in 2010, "I actually started it three years ago and then just stopped working on it only to pick it up again and then put it back down! I'm hoping to finish it soon because it's getting to the point of just plain lame." Fans were clearly excited to hear the aptly named Takes Time, since it was one of our most listened to album streams of the year.

3. Daniel Romano - 'Come Cry with Me' (album stream)

Daniel Romano's Come Cry with Me recently topped Exclaim!'s list of the Top 10 Country, Folk & Blues Albums of 2013, so it's only fitting that the album stream was a popular one. This is a classic country record, with raw and rootsy production, vintage-flavoured acoustic ballads, and one of the most fantastically retro album covers we've ever seen.

2. Born Ruffians - 'Birthmarks' (album stream)

Born Ruffians frontman Luke Lalonde has had a very busy stretch recently, releasing a solo album just half a year before Born Ruffians dropped Birthmarks this spring. The songs span three years of writing and demoing, and our readers were clearly thrilled with the results; comments on the post included, "Jesus christ this is good," "holy mother of whatever. this album fucking rocks." and "This is so good, I need a shower!"

1. Lil Wayne "Good Kush and Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)" (ft. Drake & Future)

Here we are: our most popular Music/Video post of the year. Technically speaking, this one actually came out in 2012, since it dropped on New Year's Eve of last year. But it remained so popular throughout the year that it topped our 2013 list. Lil Wayne may not be the critical darling he once was, but his song "Good Kush and Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)" proved that he's still got a fervent following. Or maybe readers were simply attracted by kush, alcohol and Drake? Whatever the case, this song ruled our Click/Hear section this year.