Exclaim! TV's Talk Show Night at Juicebox Manor to Debut Tuesday on AUX TV

Exclaim! TV's <i>Talk Show Night at Juicebox Manor</i> to Debut Tuesday on AUX TV
It's been two years since the launch of Exclaim! TV. Our first episode featured an interview with Fucked Up's 10,000 Marbles, who detailed an as-yet unfinished record called The Chemistry of Common Life. It also featured unlistenable sound and lots of slow-motion shots of kids moshing to new age pop music.

This week, we're proud to announce the launch of the newest Exclaim! TV program: Talk Show Night at Juicebox Manor. Taking the same guerilla music journalism approach as Exclaim! TV staple Garageland and adding a few more cameras and an air of professionalism, Talk Show Night at Juicebox Manor is a half-hour talk show consisting of in-house interviews, field segments and basement live performances. And it totally rules.

Juicebox Manor is the home inhabited by most of our production crew. With Talk Show Night at Juicebox Manor, we've attempted to make a show that brings bands into a comfortable environment to talk about a bunch of stuff that isn't their latest record or recent European tour. It's a show about hanging out with your friends and eating a lot of pizza. Buzz words and phrases we've tossed around to describe it include "intelligent debauchery," "dangerously close to journalism" and "all the bands you love doing the stuff you love."

Debuting this Tuesday (October 6) at 11 p.m. on AUX (Rogers Cable 107 where available and www.aux.tv everywhere else), Talk Show Night at Juicebox Manor will be a weekly dissection of cool stuff and cool people. Not that people will be dissected, but you get what we're saying.

The first season includes interviews and performances from Andrew W.K., the Flatliners, Malajube, United Steelworkers of Montreal, Alexisonfire, the Thermals, Woodhands, the Artist Life, Wax Mannequin, Tokyo Police Club, Dead & Divine, Crystal Antlers, Josh Reichmann, Dave Bidini, D-Sisive, the Reason, the Roman Line, Bruce LaBruce, the Darcys, Hostage Life, Spookey Ruben and Joe Lally.

For a better idea of what you're in for, here's the trailer: