Exclaim!'s Top 20 Pop & Rock Albums, Part One Best of 2016

15. Whitney
Light Upon the Lake
(Secretly Canadian)
The magic of Whitney's Light Upon the Lake is how the entire album seems to be coated in a warm, golden hue. These images of light and warmth permeate the entire record, from "Golden Days" to "Red Moon" and onward. The album bursts with laidback confidence, gently swaggering through songs by way of bass reminiscent of Rick Danko and the beautiful, alien vocals of drummer Julien Ehrlich.
It's almost hard to pick out favourite tracks — Light Upon the Lake plays nicely from start to finish, surrounding the listener in that golden haze from the remorseful yet jovial "Dave's Song" to the beautiful existential crisis that is "Light Upon the Lake," where we ruminate again and again along with Ehrlich, "Will life get ahead of me?" The beauty of Whitney, and this album, is that though their songs are full of sadness, regret and longing, there's a pervasive feeling of optimism in their performance. The light upon the lake is shining through.
Corey Henderson