Exclaim!'s Top 20 Pop & Rock Albums, Part One Best of 2016

17. White Lung
In an age when punk rock is struggling to maintain relevance, White Lung's Paradise offers a juggernaut charge of visceral rage complete with striking melodies and wide open hooks. The difference here is more polished production and an even sharper attack. The record is ruled by steadfast vitriolic tirades courtesy of Mish Barber-Way's piercing wail, and colourfully filled with guitars that weave a brilliant labyrinth of snaky melodies, all without sacrificing its succinct delivery.
The reverb-heavy sound, paired with a myriad of wiry guitar lines almost gives the overall sound a somewhat shoegaze-like sheen, but it's all done across a backdrop of hard-hitting guitar fills, and with a relentless primal resolve. What makes this album so great is that the band have evolved their already fierce recipe of melodic punk to create a record that stands to rewrite the rule book on what good punk rock can sound like.
Mark Laffin