Exclaim! Heads to the Theatre and Comes Back with Reviews of Taking Woodstock, Black, Lorna's Silence and More

Exclaim! Heads to the Theatre and Comes Back with Reviews of <i>Taking Woodstock</i>, <i>Black</i>, <i>Lorna's Silence</i> and More
Looking for something a little different this weekend for your entertainment needs? Why not check out Exclaim!'s Recently Reviewed section to find out what quirky something is playing in theatres.

First up, a diamond heist goes bad in French director Pierre Laffargue's Black, a film looking to show how it can deliver an action-packed two hours of mindless fun. This week also marks the return of director Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Brokeback Mountain) with Taking Woodstock, the origin story of how one of the world's most famous music festivals came into being.

Documentary film Enlighten Up! seeks to educate audiences about the history, philosophy and contemporary variations of the serene and calming world of yoga. And in You Might As Well Live, a man is booted out of an insane asylum for not being crazy enough, with the film following him as he ventures out into the crazy world around him.

Finally Lorna's Silence, by two-time Palme d'Or-winning directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, tells the twisted story of an Albanian woman trying to immigrate her husband to Belgium to rejoin her, only to get mixed up in the affairs of a Russian mobster.

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