Exclaim! Gets Class-Conscious with Summer Hours and Takes a Trip with Year One and The Proposal in This Week's Film Round-Up

Exclaim! Gets Class-Conscious with <i>Summer Hours</i> and Takes a Trip with <i>Year One</i> and <i>The Proposal</i> in This Week's Film Round-Up
It's Friday and that means new movies are out. And here at Exclaim! we know that checking out a new flick is always a great way to start the weekend. This week we have a particularly long list of film reviews to take a look at before you decide what to see. So be sure to read through these write-ups before heading out to a theatre near you.

Our top recommendation this week is Summer Hours, directed by Oliver Assayas. The film is centred around the death of the matriarch of a bourgeois family, whose children are then left to deal with the inheritance and the beloved estate that must either be divided up or sold.

Also up for viewing this week is the Harold Ramis-directed adventure-comedy Year One. The film is a humorous trip through Biblical times where two neanderthals find themselves entangled in some well-known religious events.

As well, we have reviews of the romantic comedy The Proposal, featuring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, the faux-documentary The Green Chain and the Canadian coming-of-age tale Victoria Day. Also, be sure to check out the religiously allegorical Wind Man and the aptly titled food documentary Food, Inc..