Examine Mortality with Get Low, Let Me In and Saw 3D in This Week's DVD Review Roundup

Examine Mortality with <i>Get Low</i>, <i>Let Me In</i> and <i>Saw 3D</i> in This Week's DVD Review Roundup
Again, it's Wednesday, which means that new digital versatile discs and high definition Blu-rays have made their way to local electronics and rental stores for consumer judgment. But before they're put out to pasture and relegated to bargain bins, see what's worthwhile by visiting our Recently Reviewed section.

Typically, funerals act as depraved modes of theatre for the living, which is just scratching the surface of clever mortal observations in Aaron Schneider's dramedy about a Tennessee hermit who decides to have a "living funeral" in Get Low (pictured). But if watching Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek play off each other with witty banter doesn't fill your boots, maybe watching Hilary Swank show off those enormous teeth in Conviction will get your pistons pumping. Here, she spends a good decade getting a law degree to defend her poop-throwing brother on murder charges.

For something that isn't based, loosely, on a real life story, Let Me In, the remake of the similarly titled Swedish film Let the Right One In, hits DVD, telling the story of an isolated and bullied boy that befriends a similarly damaged female vampire. If you prefer your horror to be a little more cut and dry, the latest gruesome exercise in superficial annihilation anxiety Saw 3D, as well as the low-budget exercise in rudimentary scare tactics Paranormal Activity 2, are out.

If watching people get murdered and tortured isn't your idea of casual afternoon entertainment, maybe the subtly hilarious Tamara Drewe is worth a rental, featuring Gemma Arterton as the titular ugly duckling turned swan come home from the big city to inadvertently wreak havoc on a quiet writer's retreat. Similarly pithy is the latest Woody Allen effort, You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger, which covers the gamut of marital delusions and mid-life crises.

We also have reviews of the latest cheesy Roger Corman-produced double-bill Up From the Depths and Demon of Paradise, as well as the music DVD Jeff Beck: Rock'N'Roll Party Honoring Les Paul.

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