Ex Models Other Mathematics

Some bands sound retro in a vague kinda way, but the Ex Models sound retro in an extremely specific way. The entire vocal presentation owes everything to early Devo, as do the super jerky time signatures. In fact, they sound a lot more like Devo than any other recent band to draw on the same sounds, such as the Causey Way or Servotron. Mix in a minuscule measure of the Jesus Lizard and Crypt Style-era Blues Explosion and any loose references are rounded up and contained quite nicely. Does wearing your influences so boldly on your sleeve make for a bad record? Well, when it's crazy-ass shit like this, it all works out pretty well in the end. Wild jams like "The Fun System" and "Supersex" are short, panicked shakedowns that will have you putting on a yellow chemical-resistant suit and 3D glasses like it's the '80s and you want people to yell stuff at you as they drive by in their car. (Ace Fu)