EX2 Undersounds of the 562

When many-tentacled, floating aliens mix their black hole-suctioned samples over some drumbeats laid down by b-boy robots and add some punch-line heavy, but introspective lyrics about that distant backwater planet Earth by the outcasts of the universe, they are working hard to create the perfect music for their evening cruises in the space caddy that's parked out back. Until that time, EX2's Undersounds of the 562 will have to substitute. It all starts when this seven-man crew (producer Sirk and MCs Digit, DustOff, Gel, Regret, Syndrome and Virus) from Whittier, CA, interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with their "Emergency Broadcast System." The songs don't always work, but isn't that the way it is with experimental music, really? When it all comes together, as it does on "Nobodies Perphect" (only one of a few songs where Syndrome truly shines), first single "Life Iz ...," featuring Three Eyed Cowz compatriot Awol One, and the hard battle stance of "Crash and Bleed," you know your journey through space has just begun. However, the track that suits EX2 best is "Out of this World," with a laid back, comets-floating-through-space beat, abstract flows and enough disses to tear up a few dozen galactic MCs. Undersounds is a damn fine album, unfortunately, it will be a hard sell to the majority of hip-hop fans afraid to take a chance and stray too far from the norm. (Abolano)