Ex-Gallows Singer Frank Carter Hints at Solo Release

Ex-Gallows Singer Frank Carter Hints at Solo Release
Former Gallows singer Frank Carter looks to be getting back into the hardcore scene for an upcoming solo release. Though details are still developing, the frontman has been teasing a new project over the last few weeks and has unveiled the a sneak peek of what we can expect over on Instagram.

Carter's various social media sites have been hinting at music for a while now, with a series of tweets from February explaining that he and a few friends were hitting a UK studio with some new tunes. Judging by his comments, his upcoming solo EP has more in line with his time screaming in Gallows than the pop-rock direction of his Pure Love project.

Yesterday (March 18), Carter upped the ante from his studio updates and put up a teaser for an as-yet-unidentified tune. As you'll see, the Instagram video starts off with a bit of guitar noise and clattering drums before the sound is cut out completely. We do see, however, muted footage of Carter seemingly screaming within the silhouette of a snake and dagger tattoo design (it should be noted that Carter also works as a tattoo artist).

Shots fired

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"I wake up in the morning now, and I think to myself... Fuck it feels good to be back. And still nobody has heard a full song," Carter added on Twitter after the teaser dropped.

More info is expected to be revealed in the near future.