Ex Catch My Shoe

ExCatch My Shoe
At various points in their 30-year career, the Ex could easily lay claim to being the most explosive live band in the world and, on this, their 123rd release, new singer Arnold de Boer proves to be a worthy maestro for their brilliant fireworks display. Catch My Shoe arrives after the Dutch band engaged in a notable collaboration with Ethiopia's obscure, but powerful, jazz artist Getatchew Mekurya and, as such, their idiosyncratic ability to swing with great force has been heightened. On "Cold Weather is Back," the musical tension builds and builds, with Katherina Bornefeld hammering out an hypnotic drum beat, Terrie Hessels and Andy Moor choking unearthly pitches from their baritone guitars, and de Boer crying out to us from the future that "No one has computers anymore," before the song propels itself headlong to a glorious finish. Recorded sparsely by Steve Albini, Catch My Shoe showcases the Ex in a new phase, but its intensity is only deeper. (Ex)