Ewoks/Lottie Collins Ewoks/Lottie Collins

The Ewoks have a drummer, an organist, a vocalist and a lot of spunk. Picture a catchy, danceable, but loose and garage-y sound, one similar to their fellow Vancouverite organists Thee Goblins, but crossed with spirited female vocals like Bratmobile, when they're not being serious. They contribute five songs to their side of this split, with the catchiest being the band introduction-type song "Super Mario Bros 3." The flipside band, the Lottie Collins, hail from Japan. Their first song, "Lottie Collins Theme," really reminds me Vancouver's kings of good time rock'n'roll, the Smugglers. The second song, "That is Rock 'n' Roll," does too. It must be because of the party-time sound and the rock'n'roll should be fun attitude. I'm all for that, and I'm all for this seven-inch too. (Magic Teeth)