Evoken Break Five-Year Silence with 'Atra Mors' Album

Evoken Break Five-Year Silence with 'Atra Mors' Album
Still going strong eight years in, Mississauga metal imprint Profound Lore has announced plans to release a new album from New Jersey-based funeral doom metal pioneers Evoken. Called Atra Mors, the release marks their first full-length in five years from the long-running group, following 2007's A Caress of the Void.

In a press release, the label describes Atra Mors as "their most powerful work yet," adding that "the album is a step forward from its predecessor, adding old-school death metal elements and incorporating some of the mellowest, most searing moments in their illustrious repertoire" and calling it "an atmospheric masterpiece."

Time will tell if this high praise is worthy when the album is released on July 31. The tracklisting is available below, while the artwork is above.

Atra Mors also the 100th release from Profound Lore. We profiled the label back in 2008, which you can read here.

Atra Mors:

1. Atra Mors
2. Descent Into Chaotic Dream
3. A Tenebrous Vision
4. Grim Eloquence
5. An Extrinsic Divide
6. Requies Aeterna
7. The Unechoing Dread
8. Into Aphotic Devastation