Evil Survives Powerkiller

Leaving no mystery as to their primary influence, Winnipeg, MB's Evil Survives delve right in to an obvious Iron Maiden obsession on Powerkiller, doling out everything from guitar distortion straight off of Killers and a vocal onslaught Bruce Dickinson would have trouble denying was his ― in a moment of drunken obliteration, mind you. While these guys could branch out from the overt "sincere form of flattery" that is their obsession with aping the UK greats, Powerkiller is a pretty severe experience in New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Song structures are interesting without being overcooked, there's a clear-cut degree of inspiration and creativity channelled into each track, and they're certainly no slouches at respective instruments. Once they get over imitating, Evil Survives will craft some fine, influential metal of their own. Right now, they're great, but won't be seen as more than an almost-cover band just getting the balls to test the waters of originality. (War On Music)