Evil Nine / Various VHS Halloween Party

Evil Nine / Various <i>VHS Halloween Party</i>
For me, there are three things that define Halloween: enough candy to make you physically ill; listening to the Misfits; and immersing myself in as many horror flicks as my wife will allow me (which is decreasing drastically each year).

In searching the blogs, MySpaces and such for something to not only give readers their deserved Halloween fix but also give me mine, I discovered that Brighton's Evil Nine (who you may remember put out a stellar FabricLive mix a couple years ago) recently whipped up this glorious mixtape to help spread the word about their forthcoming second album, They Live (I wonder what Roddy Piper's up to right now...), as well as give us the perfect Halloween mix.

Frankly, it gives me goose bumps just reading the tracklisting, let alone actually listening to the damn thing. Comprised of the best horror soundtracks ever made, Tom Beaufoy and Pat Pardy certainly know their shit when it comes to fright music. Maybe I'm just another horror geek excited because they actually use music from flicks like City of the Living Dead but VHS Halloween Party is one well researched project.

While there are some obvious inclusions like John Carpenter, Claudio Simonett, and of course, the masters, Goblin, it's always a treat for someone to dig up Hot Ice's "Theme From Friday the 13th Part 3," not to mention key moments from A Nightmare On Elm Street, Phantasm, Phenomena and the Cramps, representing The Return of the Living Dead.

But they throw in a red herring at the very end, closing it off with Eagles of Death Metal's "Kiss the Devil." It takes the mix a little off course but the fact that they use the creepy brainwashing jingle from Halloween III makes you forget about this small inconsistency.

Evil Nine VHS Halloween Party


1. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth "Chariots Of Pumpkins" (Halloween III)

2. Hot Ice "Theme From Friday The 13th Pt.3"

3. Stelvio Cipriani "Incubo 4" (Incubo Sulla Citta Contaminata)

4. Andi Sexgang "The Naked & The Dead" (Phenomena)

5. SSQ "Trash’s Theme" (The Return Of The Living Dead)

6. Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave "Welcome to Morningside/Hand In A Box" (Phantasm)

7. Charles Bernstein "Dream Attack" (A Nightmare On Elm Street)

8. The Cramps "Surfin’ Dead" (The Return Of The Living Dead)

9. Goblin "Profondo Rosso Main Theme"

10. Claudio Simonetti "Demon" (Demoni)

11. Lovebug Starski "Amityville" (House On The Hill)

12. Modern Man "The Dead Walk" (Day Of The Dead)

13. Rabinowitsh, Marcel & McMahon "Them From The Video Dead"

14. Shuki Levy "Dawn Of The Mummy End Credits"

15. Jonathon Newton "Nancy Tries To Leave" (Unhinged)

16. Dana Kaproff "Excerpt From Chiller"

17. Goblin & G. Dell’Orso "Hell Of The Living Dead Opening Titles"

18. Claudio Simonetti "Body Count Opening Titles"

19. Simon Boswell "Delirium Opening Titles"

20. Beyond The Door/Children Of The Corn Interlude

21. Fabio Frizzi "Apteosi Del Mistero (City Of The Living Dead)"

22. Beyond The Door/Halloween III Montage

23. Eagles Of Death Metal "Kiss The Devil"