Everybody Hates Morrissey in New List of Anti-Moz Songs

Everybody Hates Morrissey in New List of Anti-Moz Songs
From his over-the-top moroseness, dating all the way back to his '80s stint in the Smiths, to his in-your-face activism, Morrissey has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. The man has definitely inspired a generation of sad sacks to take life a little too seriously, despite his deadpan humour. But many would rather he get kicked in the eye than accolades from his devoted.

Securing a place in hell for them and their friends, the A.V. Club has wrangled up a list of the best Moz-dissing tracks. Many on the list play up the singer's moody manner, from the Pet Shop Boys' "Miserablism" to Sparks' "Lighten Up, Morrissey." It's Ween who take the top spot, however, with weird rant "I Hate the Smiths."

Here's what the A.V. Club had to say about that Ween track:

"Ween's 'I Hate the Smiths' is a classic of that tiny sub-subgenre: Recorded during a live radio broadcast and appearing on the bootleg album Kerry's Picks, Dean and Gene Ween's goofy rant starts out good-naturedly enough with the line 'All you do is hate life and tell me about it.' But then it degenerates - as far too many anti-Morrissey songs do - into middle-school homophobia: 'You're a homosexual / Just keep me out of it.' 

Unsurprisingly, many of the knocks on the last of the famous international playboys deal with his sexuality, which he has remained famously mum about for years. Frankly, it kind of makes these bands come off worse than the man in question. Other questionable entries include the absolutely inappropriate "Morrissey Rides a Cockhorse" by the Warlock Pinchers.

Hands down the best roast, however, is the Sextants' "Morrissey," which drops the gilded barb, "He kind of sounds like a Muppet." Too true, Sextants. Have you guys ever heard the Smith's "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish?" The Mozzer straight up Kermits that one.

While the list is worth checking out, might we suggest infamous, hate-spewing grinders A.C. and their aptly titled "Morrissey?" No one is quite sure what mush-mouthed screecher Seth Putnam is saying on the power-housed blast, but considering he's made a career of calling things out for either "sucking" or "being gay," the tune probably fits the bill.

Check out the full list here.