Every Time I Die Sign To Epitaph

Every Time I Die Sign To Epitaph
Those rumours you've been hearing for the past few months are true: Every Time I Die have traded in the little gun logo on the back of their albums for one of a headstone. Formed in 1998, ETID signed to upstart indie label Ferret Records back in 2001. The relationship worked well, with Ferret releasing no less than four full-length efforts over the ensuing years.

However, ETID had outgrown their original home, upgrading to Epitaph as of early this year. Wasting no time in cementing the relationship, the band have also announced that they are entering the studio with producer Steve Evetts this spring to record a follow-up to acclaimed 2007 effort The Big Dirty. Don't get your scream-lovin' shorts in a knot just yet though; it won't be released until the fall.

"To be given the opportunity to start anew after existing for over ten years in an environment that has chewed up and spit out most bands in a quarter of that time is nothing short of a miracle," says vocalist Keith Buckley in a release issued by the label. "We are extremely honored and humbled by the faith that our new family at Epitaph has placed in us to continue writing music that is true to ourselves and true to our supporters. While most bands are looking for their 15 minutes of fame, Every Time I Die knows that Epitaph is the only label where the soil is fertile enough for punk/rock bands to thrive on the ethics that got them started and we are proud to hang our hats within their walls. Our first Epitaph release... is thus far proving to capture the excitement of our new lease on life and the aggressive energy we are notorious for."

The news seems to have inspired everyone involved, as even label founder/Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz had to chime in, stating: "(ETID's) brazenly original amalgam of rock'n'roll and ironic aesthetics always reminds me of L.A.'s dangerous, burgeoning hardcore scene I grew up in. Maybe that's why they've long been my favorite contemporary American hardcore band. Having the opportunity to work with them is a dream come true."

Expect more news as details for the new album are released.