Every Time I Die The Burial Plot Bidding War

Buffalo, NY, natives Every Time I Die certainly set the bar high with their debut EP, The Burial Plot Bidding War. Comparisons to heavyweights like the Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge are being bandied about and, fair or not, this is the standard by which Every Time I Die will be measured. They may not yet be at the level of the Dillinger Escape Plan (who is?), but The Burial Plot Bidding War is an excellent slice of metallic mayhem. "The Emperor's New Clothes," is a plodding number that draws many parallels to the death and thrash influences that proliferate this album. The band demonstrates an ability to sufficiently buffet the listener while throwing in some technical runs and some truly heavy vocal abuse. As this EP progresses, the pace gradually picks up and the more technical side of Every Time I Die begins to shine through, along with some clean vocals that adequately contrast the strangled-screams of throat-abuser Keith. All of these elements culminate in "Morphine Season," where the harsher elements combine with melody and technicality, tempo changes and straight-up hostility. Every Time I Die are at their best when they combine all their abilities and styles to truly challenge themselves. Expect big things from them with maturity and the chance to record a full-length. (Goodfellow)