Zechs Marquise "Everlasting Beacon of Light" (video)

Zechs Marquise 'Everlasting Beacon of Light' (video)
The progressive El Paso, TX band Zechs Marquise have released a new video for the song "Everlasting Beacon of Light." The song is a track from their latest album, Getting Paid.

This psychedelic trip takes place in a drug-induced dream starring a cast of people wearing Magical Mystery Tour-esque animal masks. The laid back, eerie vibe to the whole thing will fascinate and creep the hell out of you all at the same time.

Getting Paid was released on Septermber 27, 2011 via Sargent House.

Zechs Marquise - Everlasting Beacon Of Light from Sargent House on Vimeo.