Evangelista Prince of Truth

EvangelistaPrince of Truth
Carla Bozulich has never been less than uncompromising in her artistic output, but there's a particular kind of angst on display in Prince of Truth that's downright sinister. The noise of it all is emphatically primal, as the songs ooze and bubble out of the dark recesses of some sonic psyche. As she did quite a bit on Hello Voyager, Bozulich's distorted voice establishes an omnipresent ruler in her narratives, an all-powerful figure that lurks within the post-industrial wasteland of noise decay like "The Slayer." The juxtaposition, of course, is that she's capable of singing like some maternal angel should she desire. Even as "Tremble Dragonfly" moves forward with its surreal structure and pace, Bozulich appears to croon a disturbing lullaby. A similar kind of jazz-infused punk simmers throughout the ceremonial arc of Prince of Truth, one of Carla Bozulich's most compelling releases. (Constellation)