Evan and Jaron Evan and Jaron

Brothers Evan and Jaron have been producing music together for the past seven years without managing to catch too many people's ears. This is the kind of the music you now hear on every single episode of Dawson's Creek - you hear the nice poppy song, go out and buy the album, and then six months later, when you find it again, you can't remember who hell they are. And while Evan and Jaron have a little bit more going for them than your standard television soundtrack band, that route is the only way they'll probably get noticed. Nobody will catch T Bone Burnett's involvement and be impressed. Nobody will listen to the whole CD and find all the catchy hooks that are scattered throughout the 12 tracks and sing along. Instead, the one song that manages to secure some airtime will be heard again and again and that's it. In a world where the Goo Goo Dolls (kindred spirits of sorts) survive, there should be enough space for Evan and Jaron to do well. (Columbia)