Evan Gordon Booty Shorts

Over the past ten years Evan Gordon has left an indelible mark on early songs and records by Jim Guthrie, Royal City, Constantines, and even the recent work of his father, folk singer James Gordon. Now 24, Gordon has seen his own bands, like the Mudpuddles, dissolve into legend. After a musical hiatus, last year Gordon released Classical Gas Mask, an infectious collection of party rock and dark, sophisticated pop music that served as an instant reminder of his unique talents as a composer and skilled multi-instrumentalist. The tradition continues on Gordon’s new EP, Booty Shorts — the first effort featuring his band the Sad Clowns. Like its predecessor, Booty Shorts possesses tuneful progressive rock inspired as much by decadent ’70s artists like David Bowie as it is by the bling hip-hop attitude of contemporary dance clubs. An even mix of irreverence and sincerity, even joyous songs like the sexed-up "Bounce,” the motivational "Try” and the demented future R&B of "The Man-Machine” contain an undercurrent of twisted imagery and darkness. Like an indie rock Kool Keith, Gordon has a penchant for the artistically absurd and Booty Shorts is another testament to his musical prowess. (Grau)