Evan Caminiti Dreamless Sleep

Evan CaminitiDreamless Sleep
Half of San Franciscan drone duo Barn Owl, the consistently prolific Evan Caminiti, is well-known for emitting vaporous streams of guitar tone. His latest dream-drift epic, Dreamless Sleep, finds him reconfiguring a series of four-track guitar/synth recordings a year after they were originally laid to tape. The experiences, travels and emotional/mental activities over the course of a year can significantly alter one's headspace and, as such, Caminiti has imbued each of these pieces with a cogent transformation. The original skeletal fragments of melody have been draped with thick textures of ghost tone, allowing each song to fill the entirety of the room, as a gas expands to fill its container. Dreamless Sleep is a visceral experience, driven by an instinctual urge for Caminiti to re-contextualize his music without it becoming overwrought. It's the seemingly effortless manner in which he constructs such blissful environments that makes him a true sonic alchemist. (Thrill Jockey)