EV Kain "Yes No Maybe"/"Sun's Holiday"

EV Kain 'Yes No Maybe'/'Sun's Holiday'
New on the scene, San Francisco's EV Kain are a bit of a deliberate enigma. Good luck trying to find out much about the exuberant math-pop trio online, but shouldn't the music do the talking, anyway? Retaining an aura of mystery in this age of over-sharing is almost as refreshing as the inventive blend of influences that "Yes No Maybe" and "Sun's Holiday" bring to the modern music conversation.

Sunny, crystalline afro-pop guitars play off of complex but never jarring rhythms and echo-tinged vocal harmonies within song structures that are adventurous without sacrificing the mission to create delectable earworms. The infectious results should appeal to fans of Tera Melos and the Police alike.

Get your first taste below.