Eux Autres Broken Bow

Broken Bow is Eux Autres' third album, but by the sound of things, the San Francisco, CA band are still in search of a sound of their own. There's nothing particularly remarkable about these 11 songs, which are pleasant, but fail to leave a lasting impression. The LP has the usual hallmarks of an indie rock record: sunny boy-girl harmonies, crunchy guitars and sweetly sensitive melodies. Many of the tracks evoke Belle & Sebastian at their cheeriest, while the folksy "A Band Undone" is a spot-on knock-off of Destroyer. Still, even though the album offers nothing particularly original, it does contain one clear standout: "You're Alight," a poignant pop rocker showcasing singer Heather Larimer's beautifully straining vocals. If Eux Autres could inject a little more tension into their sunny pop songs, they could have scored more winners like this. (Bons Mots)