Euphoria Delerium Remixes

While not in the unique class of Future Sound of London’s classic debut single, “Papa New Guinea,” the five mixes on this CD-EP certainly sustain hypnotic grooves. Trippy electronica with elements of dub can work well as dance/trance music and here the combination of tablas and acoustic slide guitar merged into a breezy, memorable riff gets things off to a solid start. While the funky deconstruction of “Delerium Dub Mix” and the heavy backbeat and white noise oscillations of the “Fila Brazilia Mix” sound like killer club mixes, what grabs my ears are the layers of reverse slide loops in the funked up psychedelic blues of “Delhi Rias (State of Bengal)” and the “Best Bib & Tucker Mix.” Jimi Hendrix summed it up best: “You got me floatin’ around and around.” (Six Degrees)