Euphone Hashin' It Out

The solo project of percussionist Ryan Rapsys has continued to expand in scope with this third Euphone release. On the previous album, Calendar of Unlucky Days, the contributions of bassist Nick Macri added a new fluidity and groove into the mix. On Hashin', however, Rapsys's Five Style friend and occasional Lonesome Organist, Jeremy Jacobsen, is the star performer. Jacobsen performs and co-writes four of the tracks, which are easily the album's highlights. You'd be hard-pressed to distinguish "Press On," "Where's The B?," "Bad Ascending" or "Shut It" from recent Five Style recordings, and that's about the highest praise I can muster. Jacobsen's great work on guitar, piano, farfisa and vibes are chock full of sweet, sweet melodies backed up by the driving groovations of Macri and Rapsys. Other album tracks that shine include the sublime beats of "Oh You Ache" and the dubby "Gyrations," featuring Rapsys' vocal debut. (Jade Tree)