Eucalyptus Eeeeeuuucaaaaaallyyyppptus

Toronto, ON-based saxophonist/composer Brodie West has long been a key member of the city's improv and new music community. He has worked with such prominent ensembles as Woodchoppers Association, Zebradonk and Drumheller, as well as such international notables as Han Bennink, the Ex and Getatchew Mekuria. His new project is as leader of Eucalyptus and his formidable talent is effectively showcased on this new recording. Its five compositions clock in at 31 minutes and are filler-free. West manages to combine the accessible and avant-garde in an appealing way, while recording on just two microphones provides a warm aural ambience. Opening cut "Cookie" has a languid, film score-like feel, while "Triller" uses sax, piano and percussion washes to create a hauntingly reflective mood. "Jelly Roll" and "Durrty Goodz" are in the avant-jazz realm, while closing track "54321 Calypso" does indeed have an effervescent calypso vibe. Fine stuff all round. (Blocks)