Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Papa's Bounce

If you fancy jazz that's funk with an African pulse then look no further because this crafty quartet is at the top of its game on Papa's Bounce. The ingredients are simple enough ¾ combine the percussive clout of drummer Kahil El'Zabar and Atu Harold Murray with the passionate reed work of Ernest Dawkins and the trombone dynamics of Joseph Bowie. It's been quite some time since Bowie lived up to all his promise with the kind of inspired consistency and range that is on such ample display here. If you ever felt that Bowie's Defunkt project never quite fulfilled all its potential glory, then listen to Bowie's splendid variations here from the marvellous multi-phonics of "Blue Rwanda" to his atmospheric ballad work in "Spirit Dancer." On this CD, the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble creates startling and fresh funk of an incomparable kind. (CIMP)