Ethernet Readies 'Opus 2' for Kranky

Ethernet Readies 'Opus 2' for Kranky
It's been three years since Portland's Ethernet (aka Tim Gray) issued his Kranky Records debut 144 Pulsations of Light, but the electronic artist has now revealed what he has in store for an encore. It's another LP titled, fittingly, Opus 2, and it arrives through the imprint January 7.

A press release for the six-sing set promises that the outing "moves into deeper, more introspective and emotive territory" than its predecessor. Recordings primarily took place in the Pacific Northwest, with Gray conducting "extended improvised sonic meditations" inspired by his self-hypnosis practice. It should be noted that the dude's thesis for his MFA "concerned the use of sound for control, healing and empowerment."

Sound samples have yet to arrive, but Opus 2 apparently offers melodic and harmonic structures while still treading outside the realm of traditional song forms.

Ethernet's last release was 2010's limited-edition, self-issued Temples EP.

CORRECTION: Ethernet's last release was in fact the super-limited Into the Woods cassette, released earlier this year.

Opus 2:

1. Monarch
2. Correction
3. Cubed Suns
4. Dog Star
5. Dodecahedron
6. Pleroma