Eternals Rawar Style

During their six years together, Trenchmouth were never rewarded with the attention they deserved. That has changed somewhat in the past few year, due, in part, to the fact that percussionist Fred Armisen has found fame on Saturday Night Live, but also because it turns out that Trenchmouth were ahead of their time. These days, Damon Locks and Wayne Montana make up the backbone of the Eternals. Rawar Style, their second album, continues the rampant experimentation that dominated the last couple of Trenchmouth releases, with an inclination towards funk and dub although it just isn’t that simple. The most unusual element is Locks’ vocal style, which is abstract and unpredictable in both its delivery and content. That might be enough to scare some people off, but it has a unique hypnotic style all of its own. Naturally, as a Chicago band with arty, post-rock leaning, there’s going to be the inevitable connection to Tortoise, and Rawar Style doesn’t disappoint. The whole thing was recorded at John McEntire’s studio, and John Herndon shows up on drumming duties, so there are enough similarities to propose comparisons yet there are more than enough differences to dissuade the usual suggestions of being just another clone. Rawar Style isn’t the most accessible album, but it is one that gets better with every subsequent listen thanks to its musical unpredictability and chanted lyrics. It just manages to stay on the right side of quirky and puts a fresh coat of paint on the Chicago post rock scene. (Aesthetics)