Eternal Husbands 'French Exit' (album stream)

Eternal Husbands 'French Exit' (album stream)
Rick Reid and Matt Leddy have been making music together for a long time, and they're poised to release their latest LP as Eternal Husbands this week — but you can give it an early listen at Exclaim! right now.
The new 13-track set of songs was recorded during multiple sessions with Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) at Vancouver's Rain City Recorders. Beyond the opening trio of previously heard cuts "Exiles," "The Known Universe" and "Purple City," the album explores some local Canadian flavour on tracks like "The Forest" and "Halifax/Junkie Joe."
There are also more cosmopolitan topics addressed like "The Draper Effect," which shows off a darker, eerie synth-driven side to the band's sound. Meanwhile, "Tetris" and "Whisper to Me" show off the duo's more melodic tendencies. It all wraps up with the tender, melancholic closer "Timelines."

The band describe their own sound as "fogpop," swirling together elements of noise, rock, ambient, krautrock, found sounds, power pop and film soundtracks. It makes for an eclectic array of sounds and songs, and you can hear all of those influences morph into a cohesive record by giving French Exit an exclusive early listen.
French Exit is out on June 12 via Clamour Records. You can see the band's upcoming tour dates listed below, and you can scroll past those and hit play to stream the new album.
Tour dates:
06/18 Calgary, AB - Broken City
06/19-20 Driftpile, AB -  Wunderbar
06/22 Edmonton, AB - The Works Festival
06/23 TBA
06/24 TBA
06/25 Vancouver, BC - The Railway Club
06/26 Vernon, BC - Gallery Vertigo
06/27 Edmonton, AB - Wunderbar