Eternal Husbands 'Eternal Husbands' (EP stream)

Eternal Husbands 'Eternal Husbands' (EP stream)
When the City Streets called it a day and released one final album this spring, frontman Rick Reid and bassist Matt Leddy promised to carry on under the name Eternal Husbands. They haven't wasted any time in unveiling their first release with the new project, a self-titled EP. The mini release out on August 13 through Clamour Records, and it's available to stream in full on

While the collection is billed as an EP, its eight songs and 30-minute runtime mean that it's substantial enough for many to be considered an album. It was recorded at Montreal's Franktown Studios, with the band members handling production and mixing duties themselves. It was then mastered by Jesse Gander (Japandroids), with the cover art above provided by BSS's Charles Spearin.

Its songs span mellow post-rock, keyboard-oriented ambience and quietly overdriven experimentation. It was inspired by Terrence Malick's films, and a statement from the band explains, "Songs for Rilke. A new beginning. Fuzzy warm. Fogpop. Recorded in the din and half light. Keep cool but care."

Scroll past the band's tour schedule to check it out.

Tour dates:

08/14 Toronto ON - Supermarket *
08/15 Montreal QC - Kathy and Kimys *
08/16 Ottawa, ON - Daily Grind Arts Cafe *
08/17 Sherbrooke, QC - Bar le Magog *
09/14-Saskatoon, SK - Vangellis
09/19 Vancouver, BC - Railway Club
09/20 Calgary, AB - Broken City
09/21 Edmonton, AB - Wunderbar

* with Catgut