Eternal Satanic Templars of the Dark Age

Now that’s what I call an album title. Cool to see a small Canadian indie label releasing this debut EP from France’s Eternal, as this is quality death metal. Right away, the production sound impresses; deep and full without sounding too bass-heavy or computer-dependent. And while the songs are rooted in been-there-done-that death metal formulas, the band does it very well. There are a lot of bands out there who would kill for some of these riffs; hard to believe it’s just one guy handling guitar duties here. The drumming, as well, is a highlight, with lots of double-bass runs and blast beats amidst the speedy chop-chop scissor beat tempos. So while this EP sounds like a lot of ghosts of death metal past, it still retains a modern edge to it and can definitely hold the listener’s attention. Would a full-length? Until Eternal get a few more tricks up their sleeve, I doubt it. But I have no doubt these guys will figure something out by the time their debut album is ready. And I love that cover art: so metal. (Sinister Sounds)