Etaoin Shrdlu Mating Calls

Etaoin ShrdluMating Calls
Explosive and precise, Etaoin Shrdlu knowingly wink at the perception that their post-hardcore math rock musical approach might be a throwback while simultaneously contributing something vibrant to punk rock with Mating Calls. Featuring members of significant bands like Blake, I Can Put my Arm Back On You Can't and Kepler, the men in Etaoin have each pursued various musical styles over the past ten years, yet they've been drawn back to the undeniable power and nourishing musical satisfaction that emanate from the bold, foreboding rhythmic patterns of this manner of jazz-infused rock. The results are undeniable, recalling heady days when many musicians aspired to the intense, dramatic corrosiveness of bands like June of '44, Don Caballero and the Jesus Lizard. The band admit as much on songs like "1995-1997," "Yow" and "House Show," whose humorous titles evoke a time and sound that Etaoin Shrdlu revitalize with uncommon authority. (Standard Form)