Esteban Adame

Paper People EP

Esteban AdamePaper People EP
Esteban Adame is best known for noodling, euphoric house tracks, but Paper People is half a departure from and half a refinement of the light-footed nature of his previous releases. Drawing his characteristic synth loops towards a subtle hypnosis and away from pure dance-floor cheese, Adame has created his most deft release to date. On Paper People, Adame has provided quality raw material and allowed the remixers (none other than Robert Hood and Jus-Ed) to decide how his tracks should sound on the dance floor.

Nonetheless, the EP stands out as a surprisingly balanced entity in its own right. The five tracks meander passably from deeper house groves too no-holds-barred techno, but most importantly these pieces are arranged in a remarkably satisfying progression. From the more contemplative house grooves of "Baby Nostradamus" to the outrageous peak-time pretentions of Robert Hood's remix of "Rays of Saturn," it's versatility that wins out. Paper People manages to strike a winning balance, even if some tracks fail to really stand out. (Rouge Society)
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