Sentinel Apocalypse

EschatonSentinel Apocalypse
Google search "Eschaton metal" and there may be some confusion. There are in fact several bands with the same moniker, but this Eschaton are the New England-based outfit who recently signed with the highly revered death metal label Unique Leader. The band's debut full-length, Sentinel Apocalypse, offers 11 tracks of abrasive, unvarnished technical death metal. Eschaton keep things fast and intense throughout the album, with tons of heavy, brutal riffs and furious blastbeats, layered with intricate, mind-melting leads.
Tracks like "Behold the Nexus," "Achromatic Reign
" and "Falsified Existence" capture the perfect balance of straightforward aggression and progressive complexity, while "Immortal Mutilation" and "Animus" contain groovy monolithic breakdowns that offset the more chaotic moments. Drummer Darren Cesca (Incinerate, Pillory, Arsis, Goratory) is on point throughout the release, with powerful blasts and speedy fills, while vocalist Jason Viteri provides a dynamic range of gutturals and high shrieks. Showcasing technical skill and well-composed, unorthodox song structures, Sentinel Apocalypse is an impressive release. (Unique Leader)
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