Esben and the Witch Announce 'Hexagons' EP

Esben and the Witch Announce 'Hexagons' EP
Though it was only last February that goth gloomers Esben and the Witch delivered their "creepy and picturesque" full-length debut, Violent Cries, the Brighton, England trio will be unloading an EP's worth of material come November.

News of the EP, titled Hexagons, comes courtesy of the band, who recently posted a trailer for the release on their website. The video clip features a fittingly geometric jumble of shapes synched up to a dreamy yet downcast soundtrack of hauntingly trilled guitar notes and icy pre-programmed beats.

While concrete details are scant, the trailer's message of "The Fall, The Flight, The Surge, The Still, The Cast, The Thaw" could be interpreted as the tracklisting. Hopefully all will be revealed soon.

What's for sure is that the EP will drop in some form on November 7. Considering that's a Monday, though, this could be a UK-only release. The band's North American label, Matador, has yet to post any info on the EP.

You can watch that trailer below.

UPDATE: Matador will release the EP on November 7 digitally. You can hear the new track "Hexagons II (The Flight)" below.