Erosonic Mystery Theatre

Atypical groups are one of the raisons d'etre for the Victo label, and Erosonic obliges them with the unlikely duo of David Mott's baritone saxophone and Joseph Petric's accordion. Mott's technique of circular breathing is put to good use, complementing the bellows drone of the accordion, while both players use staccato keying to meet at interlocking intervals. "Circle, Spirals and Spins" highlights the inventiveness of both players while managing to stay within the moment of interplay. The only shortcoming the duo has is, perhaps, showing all its cards too early on. The middle of the album lingers around a languid tempo and repeats its motifs a little too often to maintain enrapture. Luckily the end justifies itself, especially in "Tarentelle," a piece by David Keane, which features a taped electro-acoustic element. This inclusion opens a new playing field for the duo to stretch out and show off their chops, darting in and around the pre-recorded sounds, which strangely and effectively resembles a mutated melding of the two instruments. (Victo)