Erkin Koray Mechul

A new compilation of singles and rare tracks from this Turkish rock legend is tantamount to unearthing an unheard, unreleased cache of Zeppelin tracks. Fortunately, like Led Zep, Koray is going to get paid for this one, as opposed to the many bootlegged discs and compilations that have circulated his name in Western Europe and North America over the last 15 years. If you're not familiar, Koray was Turkey's first rock and roller way back in the '50s; he hasn't stopped since. This collection digs into a prime period of his activity: 1970 to '77. It features fuzzed and phased guitar solos in minor keys over tough, funky rock beats with occasional thrash ― check out magnificent glam stomper "Krallar." In general, the early '70s sound more like late '60s, Byrds-y psychedelic twang, then Koray develops a penchant for danceable rock two shades deeper than the Edgar Winter Group ("Hadi Hadi Ordan" has a Frankenstein-ian riff). Beguiling Turkish harmonies, time signatures and electric saz add elements that make Koray unique in the growing annals of global psychedelia, but garage-y chord changes and dreamy baritone intonations should appeal to any Anglo rocker. Superb stuff. (Sublime Frequencies)