Erin Passmore 'Downtown' EP (album stream)

Erin Passmore 'Downtown' EP (album stream)
Rah Rah multi-instrumentalist and occasional singer Erin Passmore recently announced that she would be dropping the solo Downtown EP on February 28 via Hidden Pony Records. Even though that release date is still almost a month away, she is now giving fans a preview of the collection by streaming the entire thing for free on her website.

Despite being billed as an EP, this contains a generous eight songs. And with all but one track clocking in at more than three minutes, this is actually as long as some full-lengths.

Downtown EP was produced in Montreal by Matt Lederman (Holy Fuck, the Besnard Lakes) and features input from Lowell Campbell and Tim D'eonĀ of Wintersleep, Mishka Stein of Patrick Watson, and Pat Sayers of Young Galaxy/Winter Gloves.

Stream the EP below and pre-order a copy here.

Downtown EP:

1. "Into the Woods"
2. "Downtown"
3. "Married"
4. "Rock the Boat"
5. "Monster"
6. "Fall"
7. "Sad Song"
8. "Captain"