Erimha Reign Through Immortality

ErimhaReign Through Immortality
Montreal, QC-based symphonic black metal act Erimha incorporate death metal into their sound, much the way major influencers Dimmu Borgir and Keep of Kalessin have in the past. What makes them stand out, however, is rather than the classic death metal that creeps into much of the subgenre, Erimha bring in something much more akin to the intense Canadian tech death of Cryptopsy or Neuraxis (whom producer Chris Donaldson has also worked with at Garage Studios). The result is a blistering, extremely dense and driven style of death metal drumming, interspersed with black metal blast beats, combined with arid, howling vocals and orchestral grandiosity. The choral elements are among the most successful, such as on the introduction to "Bewildering Nightmare." The songwriting is consistently good, providing a strong foundation that keeps the more intricate and excessive symphonic elements from coming across as too bombastic and self-important. Grand, cinematic and ambitious, Reign Through Immortality is an example of symphonic black metal done well. (Victory)