Erik Lind & the Orchard Czehoski, Toronto, ON, March 20

Erik Lind & the OrchardCzehoski, Toronto, ON, March 20
Photo: Kevin Jones
After just a few songs into the warm and bristling set by Montreal-based four-piece Erik Lind & the Orchard, it was easy to see why the title of the band's new Great White North EP felt so appropriate. Strains of searching solitude, a determined hope and an interaction with the perceived vastness of one's surroundings were all present in both the sounds and lyrics of songs that ran an emotional gamut, from the invigorating melody and elevating build of "Brick," to the quieter seeking tone of closer "The Kick." The dynamic rhythmic changes of cresting and abating drums that held down the set's ever-shifting pace were topped with swelling and, at times, soaring guitar runs, vibrant bass lines, and spirited two-part harmonies that served as a touching accent to each song's inspired feel. Humble pre-tune quips, the loose fret-board rattle of an acoustic guitar and the indispensable sounds of a tambourine provided the final missing elements for the group's ode to the North Country, wrapping up an impressive showing on a chilly, end-of-winter night that made each song's sentiment feel that much more present.