Eric Copeland "Al Anon"

Eric Copeland 'Al Anon'
The title suggests an angry and depressed blast of noise emanating from the depths of withdrawl. Eric Copeland, one third of Black Dice, is certainly capable of such a racket. Here, however, he is positively jaunty in a wobbly, shuffling kind of way – I guess this "Al Anon" just leaves you with the shakes.

Copeland repackaged and re-released two EPs into a full length on August 18. Entitled Alien In A Garbage Dump, it's composed of its eponymous EP and Al Anon. It's available on Paw Tracks.

Fans of the Dice's Repo album of earlier this year should find much to love in this track. There's definite potential for Copeland & Co.'s technique to merge with the characteristic wobbly basslines of dubstep to create some seriously seasick grooves.

Download Eric Copeland's "Al Anon" here courtesy of dublab.