Era Vulgaris What Stirs Within

There hasn’t really been much hard rock news from Dublin, Ireland since Thin Lizzy were still in their prime, but the emerald islanders in Era Vulgaris are looking to establish themselves as a fixture in European metal. What stirs within What Stirs Within is a very cool mix of classic death metal heaviness with some great progressive elements. Axe man/vocalist Chris Rob spews his lyrics forth with what sounds like a damn fine rendition of Venom’s Cronos or Leprosy-era Chuck Schuldiner. Put together, What Stirs Within offers a strong old school feel, a sound that will entice metal fans both young and old. Another interesting element to Era Vulgaris is the drum style of Chris Con, a one-time jazz drummer who brings some very cool time signature alterations and head-spinning jazz breakdowns, à la Cryptopsy. Sadly, the production may sound insufficient, although this lack of quality engineering only adds to the classic death metal feel of the album. Era Vulgaris are certainly a band to keep an eye on. (Open Your Ears)